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REYNA Welcome Home Fund

At REYNA homes we embrace every child into our warm family home setting. For our children, they face an average of about 3 to 5 placements prior to coming into our homes. This transient lifestyle brings the children in carrying their little bit of life belongings in garbage bags, and never experiencing their own home space. The impact of this fund will allow us to welcome every child by providing them with a Welcome home kit. This kit includes brand new clothing, shoes, hygiene products, RX medications costs, doctor visits, brand new bedroom linens and decor of the child’s choice, which will assist the child in embracing their brand-new room, space, and family.

REYNA Home Fund

This fund allows for continued home maintenance, daily operations and home emergencies for our REYNA family members. Home ownership and a raising family can be is very costly, and especially when you are faced with the unexpected overall home maintenance emergencies such as, a leaky faucet, a roof leak, broken sprinkler and broken appliances just to name a few. In addition, our REYNA family members often times are acclimating to their new environments which causes additional wear and tear to our homes. The impact of this fund will relieve the REYNA family members of the financial burden these emergencies bring.

REYNA Create a memory Fund

At REYNA homes we take pride in creating memorable moments for our children. Our children come from abusive and neglected homes, and have never experienced a birthday celebration, holiday traditions, and not to mention a trip to the movies or family vacation. This fund will allow us the opportunity to celebrate a child’s birthday, provide gifts for holiday celebrations & create lifelong memorable moments that impact our children.

REYNA disaster supply fund

Hurricane preparations can be very costly and hectic during a hurricane warning. We purchase and restock all of our homes 3 times a year with emergency supplies. The hurricane disaster supplies include food, water, battery, gasoline for generators. We pay for multiple hotel rooms for all our children to take refuge in different cities to ensure their safety.



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